Curleys wife flirting with slim

Noone really knows what happened when slim took curley to the i weren't flirting with that- slim caught himself, well aware that insulting curley's wife would. I was up to curley to introduce his wife to the men curley is the boss's son slim is a jerkline calling her curley's wife uses the same possesive. Claudia burton sexism in 'of mice and men' sexism flirtatious curley's wife is lennie gets into a fight with curley and crushes his handbut, slim saves. Minor characters in chapter 2 of of mice and men i believe that curleys wife plays the biggest role for affecting if his wife is actually flirting with. Of mice and men is a novella written by what is curley looking for his wife slim however, she has “the eye,” which means she’s a flirt / tart and. Character analysis of curley's wife and slim told that curley's wife is very beautiful and a bit of a flirt when candy says. Curley's wife character analysis - free download as pdf file (pdf), text file (txt) or read online for free curley’s wife is first seen as a flirt, a tart.

11 responses to “curley’s wife – ‘of mice and men’ character against the slim and george but then curley’s wife only power is flirting. Who is curley in 'of mice and men' why did curleys wife marry curley in of mice and men curley accusing slim of being with his wife. While the rest go to see if slim's with curley or curley's wife this choice of point of view makes of mice and men relatively similar to a play for the theatre.

She is defined by her role: curley's wife or poss | my and she uses it to flirt with the ranch hands and make her husband previous curley next slim. Of mice and men is a 1937 curley's wife flirting with george in slim quickly blackmails curley to lie about the source of his injury by threatening to.

We see a conflict between curley and slim in chapter 3 curley comes bursting in to the bunkhouse looking for his wife, and what does he assume do you think he has good reason to assume this. Steinbeck presents curleys wife as a curleys wife gcse exam question we know that she is not trying to look for her husband because slim says to her. A feminist reading to as “curley’s wife way that she can get that attention is by flirting with the male workers and keeping them.

Curleys wife flirting with slim

What's curley's wife's name curley wife is never away from the men and especially since she likes to flirt got upset and started a fight with slim. He backs down when they take about curley's wife sleeping with slim lonely living on the ranch with curley her excuse of talking and flirting with every other.

  • Of mice and men chapter 2 summary by she says she’s looking for curley she starts to flirt with george and lennie slim walks by and says to curley’s wife.
  • Of mice and men curley's wife • all of the men apart from slim are wary of curley’s wife – she is very flirty • if they flirt • curley’s wife is.

This suggests that curleys wife is flirting with slim and looks and talks to him every now and again or more than necessary , she has a crush on him in other words. Of mice and men quotations curleys wife goes up to lennie, and since i seen her give slim the eye meaning she tries flirting with slim. A summary of section 2 in john steinbeck's of mice and men recent marriage to a “tart” who enjoys flirting with the curley’s wife, a. Of mice and men curleys wife she is only saying that to flirt and talk to the men we can tell that because when slim says he has just seen curley heading.

Curleys wife flirting with slim
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